Studio Playlists, August 2020


Artist: Duma
Album: Duma
Totally unclassifiable debut album from this duo. Brutal, euphoric, playful, visceral, unrelenting. It’s put out by Nyege Nyege Tapes, which has an incredible catalog of the high-BPM wildness that is Singeli music.

Artist: Aho Ssan
Album: Simulacrum
Gorgeous sound design, creating an entire world, which it totally in line with it being released by one of my all time favorite labels, Subtext Recordings. Simulacrum is tragic and beautiful and hopeful and whole.

Artist: AYA
Album: too oh won nein
AYA’s music is always super fun, and this release is so so so well done.

Artist: Sectioned
Album: Annihilated
Absolutely relentless (yes, I know I used the word “unrelenting” above already). This is a hardcore album that really is very... noise. Wow, it’s good.