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Other Projects

Kincaid Home Video
a home-video styled short documentary, following the process of artist Basil Kincaid’s quilted work using the clothing of his family.

Full Video


In April of 2018, I was invited to St. Louis by artist Basil Kincaid. He would be in the process of quilting his new collection of fine art quilts for an exhibition at a Chicago gallery, and his proposition to me was to spend the month at and around his St. Louis studio and community throughout the process, to film, and to figure out what form the resulting video work should take.
Throughout the month of conversation with Basil as well as his family—who were around during the initial stages of the process, and whose old clothes comprised the material for these particular works—I arrived at the idea of crafting the documentation as a home movie. Not only would this be in line with the stitched patchwork nature of Basil’s art practice and how he talks about his family history with relation to quilting, but I also discovered that he had no home movies from his childhood or at all.

Promo Cut
Some Kind of Fun
a 360 degree work for theater
in Denver, CO.

Co-Created by me, Erin Rollman & Laura Ann Samuelson w/the cast.
Writing by me and Erin Rollman.
Choreography by Laura Ann Samuelson.

Performed by:
Adderly White Bigelow, Ali Janes-Paulsen, Charlie Dando, Chris Kendall, Claire Patton, Drew Horwitz, Edith Weiss, Emily K. Harrison, Joanna Rotkin, Jonathan Edward Brown, Joseph Wolff Phillips, Kaelee Hart, Laura Ann Samuelson, Mary Grace Legg, Nathan Blackwell, Rachel Graham, Skye Hughes



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