Studio Playlists, September 2020

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09.02.20   -   09.09.20


Artist: Orphax & Machinefabriek
Album: Weerkaatsing
Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) has a magnificent catalog of releases. I really do love so many of them, and his solo works are beautiul, but is collaborations enter truly transcendent territories. Probably his recordings will be scattered throughout many of my studio playlists, but to start, Weerkaatsing is one that I find myself returning to again and again. It builds and holds a total but ephemeral space, and is haunting yet welcoming.

Artist: Slikback & Hyph11E
Album: Slip B
(Kenya & China)
I really dig a lot of the releases SVBKVLT has been putting out and this is one of my favorites. High energy, huge sound.

Artist: NKC
Album: Tincture
“Hard drum” seems an apt descriptor for this three-track release from NKC. Killer sound design, excellent techno. 

Artist: Vile Creature
Album: Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm!
It’s insane that Vile Creature is a two-piece band. This is massive, crushing, WONDERFUL doom metal.

Artist: Frontierer
Album: Orange Mathematics
Heavy. Ordinarliy I get disinterested really quickly with technical metal, but this album drives forward so hard and feels more unhinged than the music most often put under that heading. It doesn’t feel locked in with the seeming need to be impressive that’s usually there. Its sounds are unexpected and wild.

Artist: Skylord
Album:  Зимние Слёзы
Melodic black metal. This single from Skylord is like a soundtrack to the hope, the journey, the battle, and the victory. All in the space of fantasy, of course. If you’re into this track, check out their full length Frostcraft.

Artist: Anna Meredith
Album: FIBS
I return to this album often since it came out last year. It’s joyful and energetic, beautiful and complex. Her rhythmic shifts are unexpected but never jarring. Her music is such an inviting world, and all of it just feels so good.


Artist: Machinefabriek
Album: Vloed
Another from Rutger Zuydervelt. His music is what I listen to most when in the reading/writing section of my day. This album has a particularly eerie quality, but as with his entire catalog, I never find it alienating.

Artist: Seabuckthorn
Album: Crossing
There are many beautiful, soft, warm releases within the 100 that Eilean Records put out between 2014 and 2019. I’m sure several will end up in these playlists. This one from Seabuckthorn is a gorgeous set of spaces.

Artist: Housemeister
Energetic, well-produced, heavy and driving industrial(ish) techno. This album has a really great, well-defined overall atmosphere.

Artist: ‘68
Album: In Humor And Sadness

Artist: ‘68
Album: Two Parts Viper