Adam Stone

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EDU:   101/00-08
WRK:   000/09-IE
I direct, design, and write. Sometimes just one of those. Sometimes all three.

Some Kind of Fun

This is a show I directed and designed. The majority of the writing was mine with some sections by Erin Rollman.
Laura Ann Samuelson was co-creator with me, as well as being choreographer and a performer.

The ensemble of 17, with me directing, created the overall show together, which happened 360 degrees around the audience.

The whole thing was based in a mythology I’d been writing and exploring for several years. The performance was an explosion of ideas and games.

The Bacchae

I directed and designed this production of Euripides’ The Bacchae at Concord Academy in Massachusetts. Lily Kind was choreographer.

The ensemble of students was wonderful.

The show had an energy of wildness that was constantly pushing outward and at times gloriously bursting through.